14.4.2016 In the Studio

We have just recorded the first drum tracks for our forthcoming 9 song album. Yet untitled LP includes titles such as "Totems", Savage", "Spirit & Reflection", "Forget the World", "Missed every station", just to mention few. Sound spectrum will be wider from the previous R&B songs now that we have new multi-instrumental blood in the band.
Keep posted for the studio clips and other extras on our social sites. And of course there are few gigs nearby so be there if you want a taste of the new sounds! Read more

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Roots and Bones Ravintola Meininki, Lahti Ravintola Meininki, Lahti
Roots and Bones Bar Mendocino, Helsinki Bar Mendocino, Helsinki
Roots and Bones Espan lava, Helsinki Espan lava, Helsinki
Emergenza Festival Bar Loose, Helsinki Bar Loose, Helsinki
Roots and Bones Bar Loose, Helsinki, Southern Finland Bar Loose, Helsinki, Southern Finland
Club Liberte Club Liberte, Helsinki Club Liberte, Helsinki


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  1. 1 Night-time Neons 04:58 Lyrics
  2. 2 We Are All Dirty 04:33 Lyrics
  3. 3 Maker of Stones 04:20 Lyrics
  4. 4 Rebel, Wild, Blue 04:51 Lyrics
  5. 5 Receivers 05:03 Lyrics
  6. 6 Skinless 04:20 Lyrics
  7. 7 Follow the Sound 03:06 Lyrics
  8. 8 Time Stood Still 04:23 Lyrics
  9. 9 Roots and Bones 03:45 Lyrics
  10. 10 Just a Ride 03:00 Lyrics
  11. 11 Dropouts 03:08 Lyrics
  12. 12 River Mouth 04:02 Lyrics
  13. 13 Too Easy 03:52 Lyrics
  14. 14 Winter May Come 05:26 Lyrics
  15. 15 Sparrows 04:07 Lyrics
  16. 16 Strangers 04:48 Lyrics
  17. 17 Band Got High 03:54 Lyrics
  18. 18 Glasshouses and Stones 04:19 Lyrics
  19. 19 Mountainsize 04:57 Lyrics

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