25.1.2019 New single "Blank Canvas" released!

Here is the first R&B song for 2019. "Blank Canvas" is a description from a silent observer of nature and  universal circle. 

New singles from upcoming album will pop up approximately twice in a month.   

26.11.2018 New single "Bedrock" released!

New R&B song "Bedrock" is out!

"Bedrock" is single cut from upcoming 8-track album "Drops from the Core".

Full album is probably out later this year or at the beginning of 2019. 

"Drops from the Core" album…

26.9.2018 In the Studio!

Long hot Finnish summer is gone and it is time for some new music. At the moment we are recording drum and bass tracks. We have eight new great songs to be released this year. More info will follow soon...


24.3.2018 Two new Songs!

Last two new songs "Silvery seductions" and "To Blind, to Mute" from studio live album OUT NOW! 

17.3.2018 Three new songs!

Three new songs from the upcoming "Time=Now: Bandwoods Studio Live" album. "C U ", "Bites to Show" and "Old is Way".

Play them loud, please!  

27.1.2018 New Music!

"Painted Paw" is the first cut from the upcoming "Time=Now: Bandwoods Studio Live" album. Enjoy the tune!

19.10.2017 Recording studio live!

Yesterday we started a recording session of studio live album at Bandwood Bones Studios, Helsinki. New songs are out pretty, pretty, pretty soon.

Stay tuned on channels to stalk the sessions!