1. Too Easy

From the recording Singles 2013-2015

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You’re way too easy, what’s wrong with you girl
You’re way too easy, I know your stories ain't true
I won´t judge you, if you miss that train
Again and again, again and again
But that ain't right

Get yourself together and ride back home

Should you change for no-one
Carry on and never tame
Gimme your blues to cuddle
and scatter some tears to the sea

Some games are too easy, some stakes go too high
Loaded as monkeys, on a god’s wrinkled hand
Won’t get no more those junkies, is the only way to lose it all?
No one choose to fall, some choose not to crawl

Preaching about forever
Reaching for the transcendence
Preaching about forever
reaching for… too easy

Music by Jari Karosto
Lyrics by Henrik Korpela
Arranged by R&B